Visit one of our AWANA clubs on a ‘typical’ Wednesday night at 6:30 PM and you will quickly understand that AWANA’s success is due in large part to the unbridled energy of the clubbers. They exhaust themselves on the game circle only to come up for air and cry for more! Our AWANA clubs reach boys and girls from 3 years old through 6th grade. Programs are crafted to offer verses for memorization that answer questions specific to each age group.

The AWANA night is built upon 3 pillars:

  • Game time
  • Council time
  • Handbook time

Game time provides an exciting opportunity to compete and burn off excess energy. Games are provided which are unique to AWANA. These games offer opportunities for the clubbers to be challenged and trained to respond to pressure in a Christ-like manner.

Council time is Bible teaching time, Leaders use object lessons of every imaginable kind to communicate the truths of God’s Word. Council time provides great Bible teaching for the clubbers and a wonderful opportunity for the leaders.

Handbook time gives the clubber time to recite the sections he or she has memorized. Sections are reviewed with the clubber’s adult leader to carefully determine the level of understanding of the verses memorized.

If you would like more info about how your child can become a part of AWANA, please contact the church office.